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in detroit and san francisco just counting the hours until tonight's game. it is game one of the world series. they are hyped. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll begin with the sprint to the finish line. over the next 13 days president obama and mitt romney will criss-cross the count industry and leap-frog the campaign. all the med fors you like as they try to lock down votes in states still considered toss-ups. this morning the president kicks off a out exciting plans available to anyone with medicare. pl in reno, nevada, tonight, and then cedar rapids, iowa. it is a mouthful with dana bash following the fight to the finish. she is joining us live in the studio. dana, what is the map? what are the travels these candidates are doing over the next two, three, four, five days of the race? >> it tells the number of battleground states is relatively big. if you look at the polls in the states where they are going, ohio is the biggest, but also colorado, virginia, florida, beyond. they are just absolutely neck and neck. yo
live from san francisco. and jeff, before i tap into your extraordinary wealth of expertise on the supreme court and get your insight, i want to lay some groundwork and let our colleague, joe johns, come in first and tell everyone just more about how this case came to be. >> reporter: abigail fisher dream of going to the university of texas at austin for most of her life. after applying, she didn't get in. attending louisiana state university instead. but the rejection from ut led fisher to file a lawsuit against the school claiming she was squeezed out, unfairly denied admission because of her race. she's white. she said in a statement, "there were people in my class with lower grades who weren't in all the activities i was in who were being accepted into ut, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin." she declined an interview with cnn. edward blum recruited abigail fisher to file the lawsuit. >> the most important question is should a university judge a student by his or her skin color when it comes time for admission? and the answer is no. >> rep
put st. louis to a win in san francisco in the nlcs opener. dave freese got the cardinals on the board with this two-run blast. the giants closed the gap to 6-4 but that was how it ended as st. louis relievers pitched 5 1/3 innings of scoreless ball. the detroit tigers have a 2-0 lead on the yankees in the american league championship series. it was quite the game. the yankees hurt by an umpire's blown call at second base. i know, he was clearly out. the replay showed it. omar infante slid past the base, came back and was clearly out but the umpire was on the other side, he didn't see it. new york manager joe girardi argued for baseball to expand its use of instant replay to cover plays like this one. >> in this day and age there as just too much at stake and the technology is available. that's what our country has done. we've evolved technology to make things better. >> let's talk about the instant replay with former new york giants start tiki barber. hi, tiki. >> they had the same issue in the national football league when calls were starting to affect games. >> was it the same argum
is scheduled to die by lethal injection in january. >>> 34 minutes after the hour, san francisco giants are halfway home. they beat the tigers last night 2-0 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. the game may have been decided in the second inning here. prince fielder, you see him rounding third there, thrown out at the plate trying to score from first on a double. this guy is not very fast. the tigers manage just one hit the rest of the way. game three saturday at comerica park. >> who predicted this? >> not a lot of people. tigers were favored here. >> all adding up to the same thing, race for the white house that is simply too close to call. there's only a little over a week left. we'll take a closer look, coming up. you know we're kinda like twins. tylenol: we are? nyquil (stuffy): yeah, we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. tylenol: and i relieve nasal congestion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come tog
. an anchor in san francisco was reporting outside the world series when he got hit live on the air by a stream of bird poop. kind of hard to see the initial trajectory of the actual poop but take a look. >> in 1989, the giants were in the world series versus the oakland a's. >> okay. oh, my god! >> hang on. hang on. you know, i have to tell you, i have to tell you, one of my goals in life, bethany, one of my goals in life is to make it on youtube. i think i just did. i'm on youtube. hello to my youtube friends. how are you? >> yes, you did make it on youtube. look, it's baseball. there are going to be some runs sometimes from birds. by the way, the co-anchor is wearing a panda hat because the giants' third baseman's nickname is kung fu panda. i know stuff about baseball. at least when somebody else tells me about baseball. maybe i didn't know that before today. whatever, this isn't about me. this is about bird poop. >> you have no idea what i paid for this coat. wow. wow. oh, hey, there's more. all i noticed was what went in my eye. i'm supposed to go on from here? hey, darren, it'
. i'm supposed to go on from here? hey, darren, it's raining in san francisco. it's raining -- if i may say that. are we still on? i'm going to put my glasses back on. >> wow. that's a lot of poop. live television, anything can happen. for instance, a spider may slowly descend on a single thread of web right in front of the anchor. >> -- currently making plans to close the old landfill, clean up the pollution and plan for new services there such as composting. voters will decide next month. >> you think one little spider is enough to make a professional newscaster to go all little miss muffet? heck no! one must maintain coposure even if there's a cockroach crawling all over you. >> these are cases from back at the height of the manson family crime spree. >> ugh. we need to see that in slow motion. this is the kind of thing that will haunt a young aspire
a bacon love fest. you may eat some bacon right now. a san francisco man who turned his greasy passion into a business. rob marciano explains in this "how we got started." >> anything on our menu you'd like to see? >> reporter: the food truck scene was missing something -- bacon. >> as i have gotten older. i didn't realize how much i loved bacon. my friends are like, dude, you always loved bacon. >> reporter: two years ago he was unemployed and decided to develop a bacon food truck. >> went on for weeks and weeks. our neighbors complained. >> our neighbors complained. it always smelled like bacon. >> reporter: bought a used food truck and bacon bacon was on the road. >> when i drive down the road and people pumped their fists, i knew i was on to something here. the response was awesome. >> reporter: lunch goers line-up waiting for anything with bacon, even dessert. >> this is a s'more one we came up with a few weeks ago. we run out of it and people get mad. i'm sorry. >> reporter: just the smell of bacon cooking at their prep kitchen attracted a crowd and an opportunity. >> we started
and the cards now move on to face the san francisco giants in the national league championship series. >>> well, the nats may be out of the game, but their mascot and fans are showing that they have game, gangnam style. >> we know you know the moves, too. that kind of thing. >> is that how it goes, really? >> don't act all brand-new. you know it. a korean pop star and his youtube hit is getting a lot of sporty renditions from tennis court in china to the baseball field right here in washington, d.c. here's cnn's mark mckay. >> reporter: by now you've watched it, sang the song or even done the dance. >> the style is noble at daytime and crazy at night. that's gangnam style. >> reporter: the video has become a worldwide hit. went viral on youtube with 4 million views. now the song and dance are making their way into the world of sports. last week, tennis star novak djokovic busted a move with some fans in beijing to celebrate his china open win. baseball fans in the u.s. had a good laugh as the washington nationals team mascots strutted their stuff before the president's race. the video was among
series after pummeling the tigers. the giants eked out a 2-0 win. a san francisco right hander ryan vogelsong will get the start. >>> american football hits england sunday when the st. louis rams host the new england patriots. now, to get into the spirit, the st. louis rams and coach jeff fisher practiced on a pitch this week. rams' owner is also majority owner of the famed soccer franchise arsenal. now, sunday's game will be the sixth international series match for the nfl in london. >>> well, sandy is no longer a hurricane, but, she's still a force to be reckoned with. we'll tell you what to expect as this tropical storm inches towards the east coast. ey havenn moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ d
't a cause for alarm. >>> in baseball it is going the distance, the san francisco giants forcing a decisive game seven in the national league championship series with a 6-1 win over the cardinals. giants pitcher ryan vogelsong shut done the cards with nine strikeouts. game seven in san francisco. the winner will face off against the detroit tigers in the world series which starts wednesday. >>> in less than two hours we will find out if lance armstrong will lose his title. we'll have a live report coming up for you. smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from
-0 to complete a remarkable come back winning games five, six, seven going away. san francisco is headed to the world series against the detroit tigers. the giants are 6-0 in games where they faced elimination this postseason. second baseman marco scutaro was series mvp. giants will have home field advantage tomorrow night in san francisco. >> marco scutaro. >> thank you. >> why can't we get guys like this. >> you poor thing. it is 16 minutes after the hour right now. coming up, our military might buy the numbers. we're going to crunch the numbers to see if president obama's debate claims about defense spending add up. smart c, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. which can withstand over three and a half tons. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from ren
open the nlcs with a victory over the giants, game two is tonight in san francisco. >>> first base coach roberto kelly is recovering from a conditi concussion that forced him to sit out, the 48-year-old kelly was hit in the back of the head with a foul ball during giants batting practice on saturday. right. he's going to miss tonight's game two in san francisco. right smack in the back of his head. >> you got to be careful. those balls go flying everywhere. we hope he's okay. >> i'm sure he'll be fine. >> 15 minutes after the hour. go, tigers. tropical storm rafael is gaining strength, it's still hurricane season. detroit tigers fan rob marciano -- >> i know he's a yankees fan. >> a painful morning with jeter out. rafael, that sounds like it could be a great shortstop name. maybe he can fill in for jeter and win a game three. it'll be tough. moving at ten miles an hour, 300 miles north of puerto rico. no threat to the u.s. but still notable because we're so late in the season. it's probably going to become a hurricane here in the next day or two and maybe make a run at bermuda righ
are in the drivers seat. they took a 3-1 lead over the san francisco giants. they had an 8-3 victory last night in st. louis. the red birds can wrap it up with a win tonight in game five. going to be a rematch of the 2006 world series if the cardinals win. >> all right, john thank you very much. >>> let's get right back to our starting point. it is the closest thing, i guess, that we have seen to a truce during this entire campaign. president barack obama and mitt romney were joking around at the al smith charity dinner last night in new york. listen. >> in the spirit of sesame street the president's remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter "o" and the number 16 trillion. >> the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since i took office. i don't have a joke here. i just thought it would be useful to remind everybody. >> let's get right to republican congressman randy forbes from virginia. he's a romney campaign surrogate. it's nice to see you, sir. thank you for talking with us. they were pretty funny, i thought, both of them last night. and, and, and yet there was some tension in that, as
, cardinals, tigers. san francisco moves on after beating st. louis to win the national league title. game seven of the nlcs with his no contest, giants winning 9-0. series mvp, marco scutaro, final out in the rain, setting off a frenzy on the field. they will host game one against the detroit tigers tomorrow night. at least they were already wet when they went in to spray each other with champagne, right? >>> lions sacked bears quarterback cutler, sending him to the soidline with bruised ribs but he would return to the game. full of turf. bears won 13-7. detroit fans have the tigers to cheer at least. >>> today, the widely popular ipad is expected to get a younger, smaller sibling in time for the holidays. unveiling happens a few hours from now. alison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange. >> everybody has been whispering about this smaller ipad. worst kept secret. drum roll, please, apple is expe expected to unveil this mini ipad, possibly calling it the i pad mini. rumor has it it will have a 7.8" screen. compare that to the 10" on the tra dirk ipad. 8 gigs of memory and go u
a bigger stage to have the game of his life, leading the san francisco giants in game one, tying a world series record held by babe ruth, reggie jackson, albert pujols, pretty good company. the first to do it in his first three bats in a world series game. game two tonight in san francisco. justin verlander was on the mound for the tigers last night. maybe the best pitcher in baseball, and he lost. >> he was unstoppable against my yankees. turnabout is fair play. do i sound bitter? a little tiny. this much. >>> still ahead on "starting point," a new abraham lincoln movie, cover of "time" magazine and a new book because some say the candidates of today could learn a lot from lincoln. we'll talk to the time magazine offer, a new lincoln biography. >>> who knew that science geeks were little monsters also? when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in educa
of the hour. we're going to look at your headlines right now. the president hits san francisco tomorrow. >>> that scary meningitis outbreak continues to grow. seven people have now died. the cdc confirms 91 cases of fungal meningitis in 9 states. 27 new cases just since yesterday. nearly half of them in michigan. the fungal meningitis is linked to contaminated steroid injections often used to ease back and neck pain. the company that descripted the tainted steroid issued a voluntary recall for all its products. >>> late night in venezuela, where most of the country's voting places are still open, hours beyond the scheduled closing time. people are still lined up waiting to vote. president hugo chavez is trying to win another term. he's been in office for 13 years. polling places in venezuela will stay open until the last person wants to vote votes. >>> stewart into the middle of the pack and over. >> did you see that? 25 cars in a huge crash on the final lap of talledega speedway. all of the drivers walked away without injuries. tony stewart is taking the blame for tonight's massive cra
love for the cards, don, because i used to live in st. louis. the st. louis cardinals, san francisco giants, game one later tonight. >> yeah. this is definitely the b-series, but they've won the last two world series. st. louis lucky to still be here. st. louis' best player for years and year was albert pujols and he left the franchise. and the giants have buster posey. it's been overshadowed by the yankees, but this ought to be a great series, too. >> nfl, let's talk about that, now. i got to work today and we're right here where they play. i didn't even recognize some of my colleagues, because they were wearing the jerseys. the falcons won today. now undefeated at 6-0. houston also undefeated. what are your headlines so far this season? >> we're kind of in the meaty part of the season. the first part of the season was the replacement ref shenanigans. now we're in the adult section and i think you're right, the two undefeated teaming of this moment, the falcons are a great story. the saints with the bounty scandal. we've had five weeks of silliness and we're done with the replacemen
's desperate cries for help. the father cnbc executive returning from san francisco had to be met at the airport by police so they could break the news as to what happened. cnbc did release a statement. the sadness that we all feel for kevin, and their family is without measure. the parents are clearly devoted to these three children. the mom had a blog called life with the little krim kids. the last posting about her son hours before the tragedy and she had written a couple of days previously. she said, i am very proud that the three kids absolutely love to play together and never seem to get bored at home. they're constantly thinking of fun things to do in the house. that house now the scene of a terrible crime and, you know, anybody who is a parent, we all have nannys. they did more due diligence than most of us moms normally do. >> that's what's so fascinating. >> even the most thorough background check, it cannot predict whether somebody is going to snap. police don't know why she did but that's the assumption, that's what they're working on right now. >> just quickly. i don'
inning. that's when san francisco played small ball to perfection. he lays down that perfect bunt. it stays fair. i think the tigers are hurt. he dives there. that key hit loaded the bases for brandon crawford whose double playgrounder scored the first run. the giants added an insurance run in the eighth inning. both starting pitchers pitched great. the giants madison balm gardner was better than doug fister. he struck out eight in seven innings. the giants win 2-0. they lose 2-0. thursday night now tampa bay running back took over the game with the minnesota vikings. martin picked up 214 total yards including this. right here that's a 64 yard score. josh freeman talked two of the touchdown passes tampa bay. the bucks go on to win the game 361 36147. >> the presh our on the bob sled team. jones did not medal in the 100 meter hurdles in the last two summer games. new england patriots and st. louis rams are going on the road for their game on sunday. actually, all the way across the pond. cnn's alex thomas reports on the nfl's latest export to britain. >> they spend millions of doll
ruthed the cardinals 9-0 to win the alcs in seven games. san francisco is 6-0 in games where they face elimination this postseason. the giants will have home field advantage in the world series against the detroit tigers. game one is tomorrow night in san francisco. are you ready? soledad? >> yeah, it's good to see even when you're not necessarily rooting for the team, my yankees, kind of, whatever. but it's always fun to watch when they're celebrating. all right, john, thank you. still ahead this morning on "starting point," during the debate did mitt romney miss a chance to question the president about the attack in benghazi and that time line? we're going to talk this morning with ambassador nicolas burns coming up next. and apple lovers get ready, the company is announcing a smaller version of what of their most popular items today. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. >>> surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... >>> tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & car
baseball now since the nlcs will go to game seven. the san francisco giants beat st. louis 6-1 last night behind strong pitching by vogelsong. he struck out nine in seven innings of work holding the cardinals to just four hits. giants scored all the runs they needed in the second ining. marco scutaro had the biggest hit. that would be that two-run double. the two teams go at it again tonight weather permitting. the winner heads to the world series to take on the tigers. >>> the race for the white house comes down to the undecided voter. who is the undecided voter? and what the heck is keeping that voter from making up his mind? you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. >>> 15 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories now. de
british richard quest out on an american journey by train to talk to voters from chicago to san francisco. >>> plus, his tax fraud trial started six years ago. today silvio berlusconi now sentenced. >>> and does this sound like a truce to you? right? this is a syrian cease-fire ending almost as soon as it starts. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if
reached for follow-up visits. >>> two down two to go for the san francisco giants. they held their home field advantage with a 2-0 shutout of the tigers last night. the series now moves to the tigers comerica park. you're looking at prince fielder being thrown out at the plate. probably should not have been waved home. anyway. game three tomorrow night in detroit. it is actually a statement of fact. baseball fans around america right now agreeing with me, probably a good idea to keep prince fielder at third on that play. 2-0, giants, detroit tomorrow night. >> i'm happy. >> thank you for the update. we want to bring in the newark mayor cory booker. he's joining us for the entire hour this morning. i want to start with the, the really dire forecast we were just listening to from rob marciano who is talking about this very wide wind field and even though the storm that they're looking at, hurricane sandy, which is category 1, a lot of people think of category 1 on the low side, that's probably not as bad, he says that this is shaping up to be something very, very devastating. >> last year
moments on the water. >>> a giant among men. san francisco's pablo sandoval with legendary performance on baseball's biggest stage. >> what a moment. >> outstanding. >>> welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. 31 minutes past the hour. a shrinking election map getting smaller this morning. late yesterday cnn changed north carolina from a toss-up to leaning towards romney, meaning there are now just eight battleground states up for grabs. >> that news comes in the middle of a 48-hour campaign blitz for president obama where he'll be visiting a whopping eight cities. he's seen here in a rally in denver yesterday afternoon. >> cnn political contributor margaret hoover and former clinton adviser richard sock rah tease are here. we love polls. obama hanging on a lead in ohio. this new "time" poll has it as a tie. who has more paths to victory. >> president obama. ohio is way more critical for governor romney than it is for president obama. president obama has an edge in ohio, not just because of that poll which, by the way, is almost within the statistical m
in san francisco to honor the san francisco giants. this year's world series champions. a lot of people weren't paying attention to this because of the storm. up to a million fans are expected to help celebrate the gian giants' sweep of the world series. the parade kicks off near market street at 11:00. >> they have a trophy? it's the world series. >> they have won two of the last three, they deserve it. the celebration will be at civic center plaza. congratulations to the san francisco giants. >>> ahead on "early start," the deciders, every day americans to pick the next president. miguel marquez talks to those where the highest national unemployment rate is. dredalorie. new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. to bring you a low-priced medicare pr
. they won game four last night 8-3 pushing the san francisco giants to the brink. the cards can punch their ticket to the world series with a win tonight in game five. >> if they do, that would be a rematch of the 2006 world series which the cardinals won. >> how exciting. >> the tigers won big. >> they did. good for them. >>> it's hard to imagine, but hillary clinton says she's actually done with politics. she said that before, right? find out exactly what she said coming up. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alert
in and brought the men to shore. >>> and always a cool sight to see. the u.s. navy's blue angels performed at san francisco's 31st annual fleet week this weekend. the lead demonstration team is known to fly as close as 18 inches apart from each other. i actually flew with those guys about 20 years ago, and that was amazing. >>> well, the blue angels are thrilling. so are the golden knights. that's the army's precision parachuting team. their sky dives are just a small step compared to just what one man is plan this week. he is plan aing far fall. >> set to do what no man has ever done before. jump from a capsule attached to a giant balloon from 120,000 feet with a view that looks like this. >> i'm going to slide the door open, and i'm going to be the first human person in freefall to break the speed of sound. >> reporter: he makes it sound simple enough, but feelic's attempt to jump from the edge of space comes after five years of exhaustive testing, development, and even a legal hitch. what's the biggest challenge here? why has no one tried it before, and what's the challenge that you have manag
of each candidate and unconventional interview. liz joins me live from san francisco. this is not the norm reader's digest presidential interview. why did you decide to go this route, liz. >>? the 24-hour news cycle we decided we couldn't and shouldn't try to cover the policy and the pundits and the debate and the partisanship and what reader's digest, when we're at our best we connect people. we get at the heart of emotion, we get at the heart of the human being and we decided to take a different approach and find out what men these people are. >> tell me what was surprising. what did you learn that surprised you most? >> well, i was interested that both men were a lot warmer than i thought they'd be. governor romney was on the campaign trail and his answers were a little more clipped and shorter. he wasn't the storyteller that president obama was but when governor romney talked about his family and his wife and his 18 grandchildren, there was a sparkle in his eye that you could not fake. very, very warm. i interviewed president obama in the oval office. most powerful man in the world and
of california did not include the san francisco bay area. that was an advisory, this is a warning. people in hawaii are very aware of the potential for this. i want to explain this graphic. you're probably wondering what this is. this is the coast of british columbia. queen charlotte islands. there is another name that it goes by that is the name we're using right now. take a look at this. this kind of depicts where the energy is directed. it goes across the pacific basin here, down to hawaii. and you can kind of see where that energy is directed. now, they have the monitors as i've mentioned. and along there, they can kind of tell how spread out that energy is. is it more narrowed? here you can see kind of the trend is, it is more aimed at the hawaiian islands. and as a result, they were saying at 10:28 local time in hawaii, they were expecting the first wave. may not be the strongest. may not be the highest. but they were looking at that energy to finally make its way to hawaii. we saw all those pictures of the web cams and the images. nothing looked significant. but as you said, natali
, there is a place in san francisco that will slap you in the face in the name of beauty. it's supposed to help wrinkles look smaller and make the skin firmer and it isn't just for women. on "good morning america" a reporter tried it out but didn't seem to notice results so he had to get help from the owners. >> you see the jaw line right here? this side, you don't see a jaw line. >> this technique is supposedly a thai tradition passed down from generation to generation although nick wasn't afraid to cut to the chase on that one. perhaps because he had just been slapped in the face for 15 minutes. >> you can say anything's with ancient thai wisdom and everyone will think it's great when actually it's rubbish. >> this is definitely not rubbish. this is very serious. >> you may be wondering how much it cost to let someone slap you in the face. it's $350 for one treatment. yeah. $350 for one face slapping in a specific area or for $1,000 you can really treat yourself to a full course of face slapping, choosing from the following styles. face slapping to look like a celebrity. face slapping to look
. >> the young rocket scientist. she is literally. she came down from san francisco. >> it's a once in a lifetime thing to see a shuttle going down the streets. especially the streets of l.a. i had to see it. >> this woman runs a preschool, and already has her kids booked for a shuttle museum visit. >> i'm so excited that the shuttle is here in los angeles. i own a preschool in compton, california, and i wanted to be able to take some of the event back to the children. we have an appointment at exposition park on november 16th to take the entire school. >> reporter: all along the route endeavour brought out cheers and even some tears because, after all, endeavour was an amazing flying machine. randi. >> thank you so much. we'll be keeping an eye on the shuttle's slow iffing course throughout the morning. now the latest on a 14-year-old pakistani girl who has stunned the world with her courage. malala remains unconscious on a ventilator after being shot in the head by militant gunmen on tuesday just for going to school, but pakistani officials say she is making slow and steady progress, and even m
in international waters. in this case, 12 miles from where i am at half moon bay in san francisco. it would allow foreign workers to live and work near silicon valley. >> our goal is to help high-tech entrepreneurs to access silicon valley ecosystem to move their operations to silicon valley without having to deal with the very difficult problems associated with visas. >> reporter: mutabja, an immigrant himself calls blue seed an entrepreneurial solution to the problem foreign entrepreneurs have in securing visas to work in the u.s. an issue that has been tangled up in the political impasse over comprehensive immigration reform. >> by not having a good system for these smart people, i think the u.s. economy is kind of undermined. >> reporter: blue seed is a clever way to work around the status quo. these are some of the mock-ups. it would be home to 1,000 workers or 200 to 300 start-ups. residents would be ferried ashore with tourist or temporary visas, much easier to get. >> our goal is to flag them into the system legally. >> being close to silicon valley, they would be able to meet with invest
is the editor in chief of the content website buzz feed and then to his right in san francisco is cnn contributor and anchor of "real news," amy holmes. let me start with you, ben since you're sitting right beside me. that was a big issue and this has been a contentious debate and the white house has been taking it on the chin over what happened in libya, and it seemed to some that either the vice president wasn't sure of his semantics when he said we didn't know they needed more security or it seemed to others he knew that the white house didn't have that information right away, but it's all about the optics. how did they come off last night on this very critical foreign policy issue. >> that struck me as biden's worst moment, and i don't know if joe biden personally knew about barack obama, and there had been a hearing the previous day which was very clear that the state department knew and it is not clear what joe biden talked about there and you see ryan and that was the one moment where it seemed to me that was unclear with the statement. a amy, was that fair to jump all over thi
league here. st. louis leads san francisco three games to two. and then they play game six later tonight. >> this will be really good. it's a pitching rematch of game two, but keep in mind, these are a couple teams that in the national league division series, both were on the verge of being out. the cardinals down to the last strike twice and the giants were 0-2 at home, had to win three straight in cincinnati to move on. this could go to a game seven tomorrow night. it's been a thrilling series. >> the yankees and who else -- the yankees and detroit tigers. a-rod is out, the hottest player in the league. what is going on here. where is this going to end up? >> to quote my colleague adam everett at bleacher over at turner, the yankees have to make a decision. they're either all in or they're all out. is he going to be your thiferd baseman every day? he was not in the lineup in a couple games. you're paying him $28 million. >> that's what i mean. what do you think it will end up for him. is he going to be able to come back and be the player he once was? >> he was be 38 in july
of a game. the san francisco 49ers dominated the jets blowing them out 34-0. . can't lay all the blame on mark sanchez, but the jets' quarterback had the third straight game below the 50% completion rate. let's talk about that with tiki barber. welcome, tiki. >> how are you doing this morning? >> good. i'm suffering from that and i'm not even a jets fan. was that the worst game ever? >> it was. there was nothing positive to take away from that game for the jets. if you have a bad loss like that, you do a couple things wrong, they had a lot of things wrong. so there's really nothing positive to take away from this game. and as we all expected, with tim tebow coming in the offseason, when bad things started happening, the call for tebow was going to start ringing forward. and i think we're starting to hear that now because the jets seem to be on the ropes in a bad way. >> why not? it's tebow time, why not? >> it's interesting, that highlight that you showed with the jets getting the touchdown scored on them was the backup quarterback for the san francisco 49ers. and he is a wildcat-type
francisco holding a parade today in honor of the san francisco giants. this year's world series champions. remember they swept the tigers just a few days ago. seems like ages ago. up to 1 million fans were expected to help celebrate the giants sweep. parade kicks off at 11:00 this morning. it will end with a victory celebration at civic center plaza. congratulations to the giants. >> they look like the picture of tired but happy. >> lots to celebrate. our team this morning, governor george pataki is joining us. he's the form irgovernor of new york. ed smith is back, the editor in chief of buzz week. you lost power in the middle of the storm. >> data center flooded out. >> richard socarides is a writer for homeless this morning, right? no power for you in the wake of the storm. >> no power. >> john berman as well. and let's talk a little bit about the impact from this storm, and, and what i thought was a great moment was not everybody agrees with me, but when mayor bloomberg goes to the spanish, and now for those who speak espanol. >> his spanish sounded pretty good. >> tech >>> welcome back, everybody. the san francisco giants headed to game one of the world series tonight after a stunning game seven victory over the st. louis cardinals on monday night. they're going to face off against the detroit tigers and their ace starting pitcher, the reigning american league mvp justin verlander. the team has been scrimmaging against minor league prospects to keep their skills sharp during their week off. joined by the most of "mike & mike" in the morning. nice to see you, gentlemen. i'm curious if you think it's better to be rested up, or to be, you know, in momentum playing against, you know, a, a great series. which is the better option, do you think? >> well, in kwolic's world of football the rest helps. there's a lot of injury factor so getting guys back healthy and getting downtime is an advantage. in baseball it is a distinct disadvantage. for six months these guys are accustomed to the rith up of playing every single day. two days off is an unusual circumstance. five or six days off like the tigers have right now is a huge disadvantage. >> the team that's had t
, and it ends tomorrow night. >>> the detroit tigers and san francisco giants are a step closer to the world series. the tigers shut out the oakland aest to advance to the championship series. the giants posed out the reds to reach the nlcs after losing their first two games at home. they had to win three on the road which is pretty darn impressive. their opponents will be decided tonight. the baltimore orioles, beat the yankees 2-1 in 13 innings in the bronx to force a game five in their series. everyone is rooting for the orioles. the washington nationals scored a walk-off win against the st. louis cardinals. that sets the stage for a game five in that series. i was in washington when jason worth hit that home run. washington went bonkers. i swear you could hear the screams on the streets anywhere. very exciting. game five there as well. soledad? >> and how did your red sox do last night? oh, wait a minute. >> they didn't lose. they were undefeated yesterday. unlike the yankees who were 0-1 yesterday. take that malarkey. >> the spin. yeah, you're right. malarkey. i call malarkey on you. al
. game two is tonight in san francisco. the cardinals are white hot right now. >>> meanwhile, while the world awaits tomorrow night's second presidential debate, "saturday night live" got in the last laugh on the biden ryan face-off. >> you think you're talking to me because you do the p-90x workout? let me tell you something, buddy. there's jim strong and there's old man strong, okay? you want to know my workout? when the amtrak breaks down at my morning commute, i strip down to my tighty whities, i push that [ bleep ] all the way to washington. >> almost as good as the real debate. almost as funny. >> all right, john, thank you. >>> back to our top story this morning. round two of the presidential debates. we showed you two polls indicating the race is very much a topic at this point. this time around even the president's own campaign aides are admitting he needs a much stronger showing against mitt romney. let's get to mark mckinnon, the former mccain 2008 presidential campaign adviser, contributor for the daily beast as well, co-founder -- your intro is getting longer and longer
much i paid. i paid $25. not exactly cheap. what a cheaper approach? one san francisco based start-up is giving us another alternative. their cars are marked by a pink mustache. log in, open the app, and request a pickup. >> my pink mustache car has arrived. okay. >> you have cabs driving around in san francisco or manhattan, looxing for people with their hand in the air. with technology, you can get a lot more information into this to make it way more efficient. >> on average, lift's founders say rides cost 20% less than taxis. but how safe is it to jump in a car with a stranger? >> we check for a background check, dmv check, we interview all of them. >> lift, like similar apps, brands itself as a car sharing service and has to navigate regulations. >> we have a great team of lawyers who have looked at this before we did anything, made sure what we were doing was 100% legal. >> it's an ongoing battle they they will have to fight as they try to stay on the road. >> wow, that's pretty inventive. laurie is now joining us from new york. these services are shaking up the transportation
. the giants will counter with barry zito who shut down the cardinals last week. san francisco has won zito's last 13 starts. something has to give tonight. >>> two ball clubs making moves after disappointing seasons, marlins fired guillen. he told "time" magazine he admired fidel castro. on the field, the team played poorly, and fans stayed home. >>> and another 93 loss team has made a change. the boston red sox have hired their former pitching coach, john farrell, as manager. the ex toronto skipper replaces valentine, who like guillen, was fired after just one season. and speaking of bobby valentine, he went on nbc sports networks "costas tonight" taking blame for the red sox abysmal season but also pointed a finger at sox slugger david ortiz. this is the quote. david ortiz came back after spending six weeks on the disabled list and we thought it was going to be a week. he got two hits, drove in a couple runs and we're off to the races. then he realized this trade meant we're not going to run this race, and we're not even going to finish the race properly, and he decided not to play anymo
like that. the national league's san francisco giants completed an improbable comeback with a game five win over the cincinnati reds. the giants lost first two games at home and went on to win the next three straight in cincinnati. they will now play for the pennant. meantime, justice was done. the baltimore orioles forced a fifth and deciding game tonight in the bronx beating the yankees 2-1. >> go yankees. >> in 13 innings. no, no, no, all for the orioles here. that's fact check true and finally a home run by jayson werth gave the washington nationals a walkoff win against the st. louis cardinals to set up yet another game five. so, this will be one of those cases where all four of the division series have gone the distance. in d.c. when jayson werth hit that home run, and man that place was bonkers. there was a scream everywhere. the city erupted in joy. it was worth it, you might say, with jayson werth hitting the home run. >> ha, ha, ha. 12 minutes past the hour and from the you can't make this stuff up files. michael vick, the guy who went to jail for running dog fights, is up to
schools. they blame leadership failures and lack of discipline. >> this from the "san francisco chronicle." a snoutless dog who is a national hero. he is getting reconstructive surgery at the university of california davis. reports say the dog was disfigured after throwing herself into the path of a speeding motorcycle that was about to hit two young girls. can you believe it? the collision cost the dog her snout and upper jaw. there is no plan to fit her with a prosthetic snout. instead, they're looking to closing the facial wound. >> head to our blog to see all of our top stories. >> coming up, the big time on line retailer that is doing big time hiring for the holidays. that's good news we'll share with you after the break. er, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ music, lau
. ♪ >>> it was a painful night for tigers' fans. the san francisco giants took game one thanks in large part to the guy they call kung fu panda. pablo sand dough val hit three home runs. two of his blasts came off the tigers' ace justin verlander who lasted only four innings. he becomes only the fourth player to hit three home runs in a world series game joining babe ruth, reggie jackson and al ber pujols. good company for a guy who only hit 12 home runs in the regular season. >> it's part of the dream, being in the world series. i was thinking being in this situation, three homers in one game, you know. you have to keep focused and play your game. >> he was fantastic. game two tonight. detroit sends doug fister to the mounz. the giants counter with madison baumgartner. >>> nfl picking up on a new jersey boy's idea for refs to use pink penalty flags as part of breast cancer awareness month. 11-year-old dante wrote commissioner roger goodell who said the flags will be used at this monday's game. dante and his family have been invited to gats imand will present the pink flags to officials. >>> people in
. they're 2-0 against the san francisco giants. it's going to be a rather chilly one. game time temperatures will be in the 30s. >>> he was born with only one arm, but that didn't stop him from playing top-level college basketball. the man behind this remarkable story next. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. . >>> too often, many of us make excuses as to why we can't achieve our goals. well, kevin low is not one of those people, born with one arm, he dreamed big to become a top level college basketball player. his father died when he was just ten years old. so his mom fought to find kevin a co
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